Punky Funky

Electronic dance music enthusiasts are the modern day punks. Electronic music represents youth culture and the stuff top DJs hammer out in wild night clubs to glammed up audiences is about as punky as it’s gotten since the seventies. This funked up mix covers vocals through to driving funky basslines and I hope it keeps you as punky funky as the monkey.

1. Pool – Flex (Aeroplane Remix) [2DIY4]
2. Buckley – Back To The Tower Feat. Ives St. Ange (Original Mix) [Hot Waves]
3. Leave the Boy – Eerie Eerie (Jack Fell Down Remix) [Southern Fried Records]
4. Ejeca – Hi Rollin (Original Mix) [Last Night On Earth]
5. Marc Poppcke – Inner Conflict (Original Mix) [Last Night On Earth]
6. Hunter_Game – An Angel (Original Mix) [Last Night On Earth]
7. Fred Everything – Circles One (Original Mix) [Drumpoet Community]
8. Human Life, Anabel Englund – Falling (Original Mix) [Hot Waves]
9. Steve Huerta – Take Me Closer (Urulu’s ‘Too Close’ Mix) [Amadeus Records]
10. Metro – Brownstone Express (Original Mix) [Rush Hour]
11. Sharam Jey, Night Talk – Can You Do It (Original Mix) [Suara]
12. Touch & Go – Gotta Have U (Original Mix) [Mena Music]
13. 16 Bit Lolitas – All I Want Is You (Original Mix) [Bits And Pieces]
14. Sasha, Donatello, Knox, Kastis Torrau, Arnas D – Smoke Cone (Original Mix) [Last Night On Earth]
15. Exercise One & Mathew Jonson – Lost Forever In A Happy Crowd (Original Mix) [Balance Music]

Punky Funky Beatport Chart: http://www.beatport.com/charts/punky-funky/162104



Wez G – Punky Funky by Wezg on Mixcloud

~ by Wez G on February 12, 2013.

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