DJ Mix 003 Shuffle Showcase

DJ Set 03 Shuffle Showcase

This is a mix which showcases the talents of two of Shuffle artist management’s leading lights, including some of their work. Vocalist, Tricia Lee Kelshall, is currently working on new projects with some leading producers and remixers. DJ Jimpy will be heading back to the studio later on in 2008 and will be expanding his guest DJ slots, globally. Check: Tricia Lee KelshallMy Gang WILL GET you!!!
1. Jim Morrison – An American Prayer
2. Bradler & Dualton – ‘Al Arab’ (Audiojack mix)
3. Dario G – Voices (Matt Darey’s Tekara Mix)
4. Sasha & BT – Heart of Imagination
5. Jimpy & Wolff – Voices
6. Quench – Dreams (Extended mix)
7. Gabriel & Dresden – Arcadia (original mix)
8. Kade – If you want me [Don’t bring me down] (Original Mix)
9. Livio & Roby – Out of Bass
10. Jody Wisternoff – Nostalgia (Original Mix)
11. Bekkou – Hi Lite (DJ Misjah mix)
12. Jimpy Feat. Sarah – Talkin
13. Drugstore Era – Don’t you want to feel (Deadmau5 Remix)
14. Roland Klinkenberg feat. DJ Remy – Mexico can wait
15. Way Out West feat. Tricia Lee Kelshall – Mindcircus (original Version)


Wez G – Shuffle Showcase by Wezg on Mixcloud

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